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Reita Lathrop - Commercial Exhibitor Coordinator
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Roger Kneebone - Food Vendor Coordinator
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Rebecca Tovar - EPI Event Manager
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69 YEARS OF SUCCESS - 2024  will mark the 69th year of the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show & Shopping Expo.

DATES - February 15-25, 2024

EXHIBITOR SPACE / PRICES - The shopping expo caters to hundreds of trade booths, international food courts and demonstration areas. People can buy products ranging from jewelry, art, clothing, show apparel, household items, gifts and a tremendous display of horse equipment. There are several exhibit areas available: North Hall is our main commercial exhibit area with over 300 10'x10' booths located in an enclosed heated and air-conditioned event center which is the main entrance to the entire event.  Wendell Arena is a popular outdoor exhibit area where many of our most popular In-hand/breeding and performance classes are held. We do have other areas available throughout the grounds as well. Each 10x10 is $1,200. All areas are very popular and sell out quickly.

EXPERIENCED MANAGEMENT - The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show is produced by experienced personnel in both the horse show and business worlds.

FOOD SPACES / PRICES - Food vendor information can be obtained by calling Roger Kneebone at (602) 515-6066 or email

HORSES - Over 1,500 gorgeous Arabian and Half-Arabian horses are entered in hundreds of different classes and are also on view in their beautifully decorated barns - their temporary home away from home!

LOCATION - The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show will be held at WestWorld in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona: 16601 North Pima Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85260.

PHOTOGRAPHS/VIDEOGRAPHY POLICY - Effective immediately it is the policy of the Arabian Horse Association of Arizona (AHAA) the official show photographer/ videographer will have exclusive rights to sell show photographs/videos for each of its shows during and for 1 month following the close of the show. No professional photographers/videographers will be allowed on the grounds with equipment until registering with the official show photographer/videographer. Terms & Conditions Professional photographers/videographers will not be permitted to on show grounds with equipment until they register with the contracted show photographer/videographer. This includes Live Feed coverage at the show. Professional photographers/videographers are defined as those who will be taking photos/videos at an AHAA Event for distribution via media outlets, publications during (or selling images) anytime following the event. All images watermarked, containing a signature or that have restricted access will be considered professional and will not be allowed to be posted on any media outlets unless application has been approved by AHAA or the official photographer/videographer for each show. Professional Photographers/videographers can register with official photographer/videographer and pay a registration show access fee for the show; the fee is unique for each show and listed below.  No photographer/videographer shall solicit, sell or profit from the sale of photos/videos from a AHAA Show except for the Official Show Photographer/Videographer or those who have registered and paid the fee with the official photographer/videographer.  Once approved and fee paid photographer/videographer will be issued credentials to shoot at the show. All registered photographer/videographer shall refrain from publishing and offering for sale (either hard copy or electronically) any photographs/videos taken at the show for 1 month following the close of the show (until 12:00 pm 30 days following show). Media Publications that do not sell images will be issued press passes at no charge but will have to register with the official photographer/videographer for each show; these passes will allow photographer/videographer to shoot on grounds for editorial purposes only. All win shots will be reserved for the official photographer/videographer they shall have exclusive rights to sell win shots/footage indefinitely. Photographer/videographer who take photos/videos at any AHAA event automatically grant AHAA permission to full access use and publish photos/videos taken at no charge. No written release is required for AHAA to use or publish these photos for any reason. VIOLATORS: Unauthorized professionals will be asked to immediately cease their activities. Failure to cease and desist in such activities will result in a fine of $1,200 by AHAA and will be escorted from the grounds. Violators and/or their staff will not be allowed back on the grounds unless fine is paid. If caught a second time violators will be restricted from the show grounds indefinitely. These rules shall extend to violations found post-show through websites, social media, and other outlets. Anyone who attends the Scottsdale Show grants AHAA permission to utilize and publish photos taken at the Scottsdale Show by photographers/videographer and/or staff at no charge. No written release is required for AHAA to use or publish these photos in their promotional material. No other business unless authorized by AHAA shall profit from the sale of images or merchandise from the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. PHOTOGRAPHERS PHOTOGRAPH SALES - Except for the Official Show Photographers, no person shall take and sell photos at the show. Any person violating this rule will be required to pay a $1,200 exhibitor fee or will be escorted from the grounds.