Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have a clear back policy or any bag restrictions.
A: No we do not have any bag restrictions or clear bag policies.

Q: Why are the post entry fees different after 12/15, $500/$250, $1,000/$500, $1500/$750?
A: Entries made & postmarked between:
12/16 - 1/20 - Added classes for a horse already in the show is $250 per division plus the cost of the classes.
New to the show $500 per division plus the cost of classes.                                                              

1/21 - 2/16 by 5 pm  already in the show $500 per division plus cost of classes.
New to the show $1000 per division plus cost of classes.

2/17- 2/27 (session prior) already in the show $750 plus the cost of classes.
New to the show $ 1,500 per division plus cost of the classes.

Q: Is there free parking?
A: Yes, all of our shows there is free parking. The Scottsdale Show does offer Valet parking, pricing will be posted at the valet booth.

Q: Is the food available at your show?
A: There is a concession stand in the Equidome, at the Scottsdale Show we have many other food options to choose from.

Q:  Will Safe sport be required for the 2023 Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show
A:  Yes, Safe sport will be required and the website is up and running. You can access it through your USEF member portal.

Q: How do I get a booth space at the show?
A: Booths at our shows are called Commercial Exhibitors, you can find the application under the show Commercial Exhibitors.

Q: Are dogs allowed at the horse shows?
A: Dogs are welcome at the horse shows, dogs must be on a leash at all times and dog owner must keep them under control at all times. Barking dogs can spook horses so we ask that you not bring dogs you can not keep under control and quiet at the show. It is very important that owners clean up after their dogs. Since we are on City of Scottsdale managed land all dog owners must follow city rules.

Q: What's the RV Rental nightly rate during the Scottsdale Show?
A: To reserve a RV space for the Scottsdale Show it is a total of $600 for your stay, no matter how many days.  If you want to pay nightly, $40 a night, it will be rented to you on arrival if there is a space available.          

Q: What are the Shopping Expo hours?
A: 10:00AM - 6:00PM Sunday - Thursday & 10:00AM - 7:00PM Friday and Saturday

Q: What time does the Box Office open?
A: The Box Office opens daily at 7:30AM, starting the first day of the show

Q: Why can't I purchase daily box seats online?
A: Box seats aren't available until around Feb 1st., box seats first get assigned to our sponsors and patrons, once those have been assigned the remaining inventory will be released to the ticketing system for sale.

Q: When do classes start daily?
A: 8AM, always check the schedule for the most up to date times:

Q: How do I purchase disabled seating?
A: Disabled seating can be purchased through the Reserved Box Seating application online at, please select if you're requesting a wheelchair seat and a seat next to it (companion seat) these are next to one another.          

Q: Can we take pictures of the horses?
A: Yes, you can take pictures for your own use. You can not sell the pictures.

Q: What is the admission fee?
A: The Scottsdale Show is the only show that has an admission fee: $15 -For General Admission $10 - Seniors, and Children 12 & under Free          

Q: I have a 2 for 1 What does that mean?
A: You buy 1 ticket for $15 and you get 1 free. 2 for 1 passes will not be accepted for the evening sessions.

Q: Where do I address entry questions?
A: Please send an email with your questions to          

Q: How do I nominate my stallion into the Scottsdale Signature Stallion and Breeders Club breeding programs?
A: Email or under Breeding Programs you will find the nomination forms

Q: Can I bring a sale horse to the show?
A: Horses not entered in the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show are not permitted on the show grounds unless they have applied for and paid the appropriate fee for promotion. An Equine Promotion Form is available on AHAA website this must be filled out in conjunction with an entry form and these must be submitted prior to arrival on the grounds. If the horse is not entered into the show the fee is $2500 and will be strictly enforced (stall charges are not included in this fee).  Horses that are not registered Arabian or Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian will not be allowed on the grounds even if the application is submitted this policy will be strictly enforced.

Still have questions, please give us a call at 480-515-1500 or by email