Sally Nelson


Sally Nelson

As a small breeder and amateur exhibitor, I look for any opportunity to support and promote our Arabian horses.  From my childhood of being a horse crazy kid, saving babysitting money to pay for riding time at our local stable to having my first horse, a Half-Arabian gelding, the one hobby that has kept me going is being involved with horses.  I showed for many years in Colorado and New Mexico before moving to Arizona in 2012. I am excited to get back in the show ring this year with my Half-Arabian Country mare.  I do still have two mares at home in my back yard as well.  I support my horse habit by working as a Territory Manager for Nationwide Insurance in Scottsdale and have spent 40 years in the commercial insurance industry.

I hope for an opportunity to join the board of directors for AHAA to continue working with the great members of the association as we show, breed and love our Arabian horses.

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