Taryl O'Shea

Executive Director

Taryl O'Shea

I’ve been with the Arabian Horse Association of Arizona for 23 years, I just moved from Canada and started seeing signs promoting the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show.

I found out who organized it landed a volunteer position for almost every day of the show. It was a great time learning the ins and outs of the show in various positions. From there I was asked to organize the volunteers for the following Scottsdale Show (a volunteer position). There was no turning back; I loved everything about being involved in the Arabian horse community.

On my days off I love spending time riding my horses, hiking, biking, pretty much anything outside (even in the summer). Scottsdale is a great place to be with so many opportunities for outdoor adventures!

I see my job as an ambassador for the Arabian horse, spending most of my time organizing events and shows where people can compete, learn, experience, love, and hopefully own Arabian horses. I am lucky because I am positioned in organizations that produce world-class competitions with extensive outreach opportunities!

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