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2015 Reining Futurity Terms and Conditions

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2015 ARHA Reining Horse Futurity Classic Scottsdale, AZ

Terms and Conditions

All Futurity and Scottsdale Horse Show program and events deadlines must be met as specified, submitted by postal service, fax or email.


All membership requirements must be met for entering the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, and NRHA approved shows.

Article 1. Introduction.

The Futurity classic is for 4 and 5 year old Arabian and Half-Arabian horses with a Half-Arabian class and a Purebred Arabian class.

Article 2. General Rules.

  • The Futurity shall be run under USEF and NRHA rules. Where a conflict arises between the two, USEF rules will supersede NRHA rules.
  • This is not an Arabian Horse Association qualifying class.
  • The Scottsdale Show shall be responsible for:
    • Scheduling classes
    • Hiring judges and scribes
    • Collecting entry fees
  • The Futurity Committee shall be responsible for:
    • Collecting Nomination Payments
    • Setting the close of nominations date
    • Working with the NRHA
    • Providing NRHA required representation

 Article 3. Examination of Entries and Verifications of Identities.

  • By enrolling a horse in the Futurity the owner grants the AHA, ARHA and NRHA the right to have the nominated horse examined or inspected for any purpose, including but not limited to the purpose of verifying its identity by AHA officials, staff or any other person that the AHA requests to make such examination or inspection.
  • In the event that doubt should arise regarding the identity of any horse nominated in the Futurity, AHA shall make every effort to verify that horse’s identity, including but not limited to blood typing or testing.       The Futurity Committee shall have the right to withhold any Futurity Prize money which would other wise be due and payable pending the outcome of an investigation to verify a horse’s identity. In the event the horse’s identity cannot be satisfactorily verified, no further prize money shall be paid to the party whose name appears on the nomination form.
  • The Futurity Committee will advise the recorded owner in writing of any proposal to cancel the Futurity nominations application of a horse and the reasons supporting this proposal.

 Article 4. Limit of Liability.

  • The AHA, The Scottsdale Show Committee, members of the Futurity Committee, it’s directors and officers, employees, representatives, and agents will attempt to obtain true and complete information in connection with the registration of horses, transfers and all other matters relating to AHA, The Scottsdale Show and Futurity Commission activities. Neither the AHA, The Scottsdale Show nor the Futurity Committee members, it’s directors and officers, employees, representatives, and agents shall be liable in any way, whether in damages or otherwise, in connection with nomination, refusal of nomination or transfer, cancellation of nomination, the operation or administration of the Futurity, or for any other activities engaged in by, or on behalf of, the AHA, The Scottsdale Show or the Futurity Committee in connection with the Futurity.
  • Participants in the Futurity agree that damages for any successful claims against the AHA, The Scottsdale Show, or the Futurity Committee which is based upon the way a class is run, the judging thereof, the scheduling, or the interpretation of the applicable rules shall be limited to liquidated damages in the amount of the nomination and entry fees.
  • If, not with standing the release signed by a participant in the program and the above provision of the program rule, any liability to a participant should arise on the part of AHA, The Scottsdale Show or Futurity Committee, such liability shall be limited as liquidated damages, to an amount equal to the nomination fees paid by the participant.


Article 5. Dispute Resolution and Amendments to the Rules.

  • In the event that a dispute of issue should arise regarding the implementation of the Futurity program which cannot be resolved solely by reference to these rules or which requires that they be interpreted, the dispute or issue shall be resolved by decision of the Futurity Committee, upon written petition submitted by an interested party to the Futurity Committee. The petition should not be submitted to a Committee person(s), as all cases are reviewed on an anonymous basis. All decisions by the Futurity Committee on disputes or issues raised under the provision of this section shall be consistent with the purpose of the Futurity rule and shall be final. Written notice of the decision of the Futurity Committee stating the basis for the decision shall be sent to the Petitioning party.
  • The Futurity Committee may amend these rules from time to time as it deems necessary.
  • Recovery of Futurity Prize Money Wrongfully Received: If, in accordance with applicable protest or disciplinary procedures of AHA, NRHA, USEF or ARHA, a determination by any of these entities establishes, expressly or implicitly, that a person or horse was not qualified to participate in the Futurity and prize money was received, all such money shall be refunded to the Futurity Committee within 60 days after the written demand is made by the Futurity Committee. In the event that the Futurity Committee is required to refer any such matter for collection to an attorney or collection agency, or to institute a legal proceedings, The Futurity Committee shall, in addition to the Futurity prize money wrongfully received, be entitled to recover from the person receiving said money interest at the rate of 12% per annum compounded annually from the date the money was received, as well as all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney’s fees and collection agency fees.

Article 6. Eligibility.

  • Horses must be registered with the AHA.
  • Horses must be licensed with the NRHA.
  • Horses must be owned by a member of the AHA, ARHA and NRHA.
  • For Purposes of these Rules, a horse’s age shall be determined by the USEF age standard.

 Article 7. Nomination.

  • Nominations are required for all participants.

Nominations may be sent in by mail, fax or email. It is the responsibility of the sender to verify nomination sent by due date.

  • All nomination payments are final and non-refundable. Any portion of a nomination payment not postmarked, electronic transaction dated by the due dates above will cause that entry to be considered a late entry.
  • There will be no refund of nomination fee, any portion of a nomination fee or processing fee
  • There is a $100.00 one-time processing fee per class and a one-time judges fee of $50.00 to be included with the first payment.
  • Nominations must be made on the official nomination form and must be accompanied by the proper nomination fee, a copy of both sides of the AHA registration paper, copy of the NRHA license, and AHA, NRHA and ARHA membership card.

            a. Note: Nomination forms go to Phyllis LaMalfa, P.O. Box 25908, Scottsdale, AZ 85255

  • Nomination fee is $1000 per class and may be paid in full, OR

The nomination fee maybe paid as follows:

Payments may be made of equal installments by dates listed below:

First Payment due by August 15th       

Second Payment due by October 15th

Third and final payment due by December 15th

All payments made after each due date will be accessed a late fee of $100.00 for each late payment.

Office fee and judges fee to be paid with first payment.

  • Nominations will be accepted after December 15th with double nomination fees. All Scottsdale late fees apply.
  • Nomination fee does not include show entry fees; drug fees, stall fees, etc., as required by The Scottsdale Show
  • Nominated Horses must also enter The Scottsdale Arabian Horse show, pay all fees and meet all the requirements to enter The   Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. Deadline is December 15.

            a. Scottsdale Show entry forms go to Arabian Horse Association of Arizona, P.O. Box 13865, Scottsdale, AZ 85267.

  • The Scottsdale Show office will not release horse numbers until all paperwork needed in the futurity committee office has been completed.
  • Substitution of horses is prohibited.
  • Nomination for futurities may be transferred upon sale of a nominated horse. The Futurity show secretary must receive the futurity transfer signed by seller and buyer at the time of sale.

Article 8. Tack and Appointments.

  • Martingales, tie-downs, running rings, tongue ties and/or any illegal artificial devices used with the bit are prohibited. (See the current USEF Rule Book.)
  • Horses must be shown in the snaffle or hackamore throughout the class, i.e. from section through finals. A standard Snaffle Bit is defined as a center jointed, single, rounded unwrapped smooth mouthpiece and must be a minimum 5/16” diameter metal, one inch in from the cheek. The rings may be from 2” to 4” outside diameter of either the loose type, egg butt, dee or center mounted with cheeks. If a curb strap is used it must be attached below the reins. Hackamores (bosals) shall be round in shape and constructed of braided rawhide or leather and must have a flexible rawhide or leather core. No other materials of any kind are to be used in conjunction with a hackamore, i.e., steel metal or chains. (Exception: smooth plastic electrical tape is acceptable; mechanical or rope hackamores are prohibited.) See USEF Rule Book.
  • There will be three (3) judges placed at different points around the arena.
  • In the event of a tie for class Champion following the finals, the following order of tie breaking procedures will apply:
    • A runoff.
    • If there is still a tie, all 3(three) judges’ scores from the finals will be tallied to determine the winner.
    • If there is still a tie, all 3 (three) judges scores from the 1st and 2nd go rounds will be tallied to determine the winner.
    • If a tie still exists, the exhibitors will be named co-champions.
  • The class shall name a Champion, Reserve Champion and place the rest of the class in order of finish. The finals will be a minimum of 10 horses, or one third of the class entries, which ever is greater rounded up. (Example; one third of 50 is 16.6; the final will be rounded up to 17.)
  • Tack and appointments will be checked by the USEF Steward and NRHA bit judge in all classes. All rules not covered herein will be subject to the prevailing rules set forth by the current USEF rule book and NRHA rule book. See Article 2, No. 1. If a conflict occurs, USEF rules supersede NRHA rules.
  • All Reining Horses will be video taped. Videotape may be used by the judges to review pattern faults only. A) The videotape must be provided by the “Official Show Videographer,” and the judges must have reason to believe all horses have been videotaped; B) Whether or not to review the videotape is the sole discretion of the judges and the decision of the judges in this regard is non-protestable; C) The judges decision to review the video taped performance must be made prior to announcing the official results of the class; D) If a judge decides to review any videotaped performance in a class, the official results of the class must be delayed until after the review and a decision has been made.

Article 9. Class conflict

Definition: A class conflict shall be defined as an exhibitor who has a class in which they have to exhibit a horse in another ring at the same time as their draw order in the reining pen.

Procedure for declaring a potential conflict.

  • Exhibitor/agent must contact reining horse manager/reining show secretary within 2 hours of the posted draw.
  • Exhibitor draw will move to top of posted reining go order.

Article 10. Class Specifications.

  • Entries to be Shown and Judged under the class specifications set forth in the USEF Rule Book for reining, and The NRHA Rule book for Category 4.

  • Entries must be registered with the Arabian Horse Association.
  • Entries must be four or five years old.
  • All entries will complete two go-rounds. The top 10 scores, or One third of the top scores, which ever is greater, will advance to a clean slate final. Order of go for all rounds will be drawn.
  • Patterns used for the two futurities will be 8, 6 and 10.

Article 11. Prize Money.

The prize money will consist of a yearly projected purse with added money. In addition, all nomination fees will go in to the prize money for that class minus the class expenses. Nomination fees not designated will be distributed by percentage of the number of horses shown in each class.

Prize money will be paid out using NRHA Schedule B.

Article 12. Prize Money Pay-Out Procedures.

  • Prize Money will be paid only to the party whose name appears on the original nomination form or on the futurity transfer form. See Article 7, No. 13 as owner. Checks for prize money shall be mailed within 60 days after completion of the show.
  • The Social Security Number or Federal Taxpayer Identification Number must be provided to the Futurity Committee before prize money will be released.       If this information is not provided within 120 days after notification, all prize money will be forfeited. If transfer or prize money requirement are not fulfilled by June 30th of the calendar year which the prize money is won, the prize money will be forfeited. In addition, if a prize money check is issued and not presented for payment by June 30 in the calendar year the prize money was won, the prize money will be forfeited. All forfeited prize money will be divided equally between the futurities the following year.