Exhibitor Information


Amendment to the Cutting Division @ The Scottsdale Show

The Cutting at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show for 2014 will not utilize The Arabian Cutting Horse Association (TACHA) rules & regulations. The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show will follow the Arabian Horse Association (AHA) rules as they pertain to cutting. For more information contact AHA current cutting rules and regulations.




Procedures for the Halter Classes at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show

  • All horse are required to enter the ring through the holding paddock
  • There will be one designated shagger for all horses
  • All horses being shagged must be handled by the exhibitor in class at time of shagging
  • When first horse enters ring judging begins
  • Horses will enter ring at the trot
  • When final horse has entered the gate closes
  • Judges will begin individual judging of horses
  • Only the 2 horses on deck can school
  • When final horse completes the individual presentation all horses will be called to walk
  • Each horse will be judged at the walk
  • Upon completion of walk, halt horses
  • Judges will mark cards

General conduct according to USEF rules.