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We are excited to have Meet An Arabian Horse Month off to a great start! If you haven’t already shared your Arabian horses on social media, please do and share this information with your membership.  For those who don’t currently have a horse, share your favorite Arabian from the past!  Videos or pictures work great, just add your descriptions and start posting! As people are spending more time on social media this is a great time to get our horses out there and in front of people. Let's flood social media with great posts about the amazing Arabian Horse during this unprecedented time in the world! 

Each week during the month of May we are highlighting different aspects of our industry to educate and introduce people to our horses.

May 1-10 - Introduce your horses (make it personal, their favorite treats, where they like to be scratched, etc.)
·         May 11-17 - Riding 101 (discuss parts of the horse, why you ride, describe the different gaits a horse has)
·         May 18-24 - Demo clipping, bathing, braiding (why are these things important)
·         May 25-31 - Lesson demo (if people come to your program what will they learn?) or why would people come to your barn/training program?

        *   If you do not have a lesson program, introduce your discipline (video you riding and explain what the judges look for, talk about your show outfit and what the pieces are, why do you wear the attire you wear)

We encourage our clubs, barns, and members to take some time to share the Arabian horse experience through videos and photos and sharing them on their social media channels. When you share your videos and photos please make sure to tag the Arabian Horse Association and your Meet An Arabian event on your preferred social media platform.  AHA is on a variety of social media channels, choose your favorite, or choose them all when you are tagging! Use @ and AHA's name on each social media channel and #MeetAnArabianHorse for your event to start trending!

For example:
o    Facebook – @ArabianHorseAssociation
o    Instagram – @ArabianHorseAssoc
o    Twitter – @AHAArabian
o    LinkedIn – @ArabianHorseAssociation

We’ve included the following Social Media Best Practices to make posting easy!